depressed – Cole Connor (prod. by Airborne Audio)

depressed – Cole Connor (prod. by Airborne Audio)

In May 2016, my life looked a lot different. I delivered pizza and worked a part time communications job. I felt stuck. And I didn’t know how to make that next step. Many days I depended on conversations with my mom to keep me motivated and inspired to chase this dream that so many get lost in. This song is based on a conversation I had with my mom shortly before everything changed.

Please don’t stop. You may be a day away from the idea that saves your life. From the song that jump starts your career. From the invention that changes the world. You aren’t alone. It’s easy to fall down and succumb to mental illness. Days seem dark and success is a long way away. But don’t stop. We are in this together. Own your dream.

Mad shouts to Airborne Audio on the production and @visionairmedia on directing. The vulnerability is there.



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