CCOLLE – 6 Things I Want to Do

CCOLLE – 6 Things I Want to Do

It’s really important to me to not just DO but to know WHY I do what I do. I was watching Matt D’Avella‘s podcasts recently and his guest was talking about the first things she does with brands. It was ask them the 3-5 things that they want to say. What do they want to say to the world?


Me being in marketing myself I wondered why I haven’t asked myself that same question. I would ask clients. Friends. Peers. But why not me? So I thought about it. Here’s what I jotted down.



That’s cool, but I wanted to really break those down into actionable things that I represent. Actionable things that I want to do and teach. So here’s what I came up with:





    • Once you learn to communicate, the possibilities are limitless. Not only do I want to perfect communication between myself and the world, I want to share what I learn with those that can’t quite figure it out. And you can bet that a large majority of the world can’t communicate for shit.

    • If I can’t create, I freeze. My imagination is too wild to not create. It’s vital to my happiness and well being. Creativity challenges minds. It pushes innovation. It’s important.
  3. OWN

    • It’s obviously one of my mottos. I can’t really wrap my head around why people don’t own themselves. This doesn’t mean you can’t literally work for someone. Just own who you are. Don’t let anyone control you. Sometimes you are clueless to the fact that you aren’t owning yourself. Think about it.
  4. LOVE

    • Sometimes I have a hard exterior or I play a certain role, but love is a big piece of who I am. I want to spread love and positivity. I want to be always on my toes when it comes to learn how to love a woman better. How to love my mother better. How to love my sister. My lady. How can we spread love to people etc.. without draining ourselves to much? I want to dive into this and teach people what I learn. Everybody needs love.

    • People don’t open up their ears enough. I’ve learn so much from listening. And you can too. This is how we grow and learn from others mistakes. People want to speak. If it’s the right person, let them speak and listen.

    • Once I’m gone, all I’ll be is what I’ve left behind and the legacy of who I’ve taught and who I’ve inspired. I don’t do all of the above just for me. I do it to educate others. As I wrote above, my aspiration is to inspire and to teach.


No matter who you are. Take some time today to think about what you want to say to the world. What actionable things do you want to represent? What do you want to do?




  • Wayne Montgomery
    April 24, 2018


  • Angelina Martinez
    May 2, 2018

    This is so deep and even inspired me to write out what I want to do and how I want to do it. Thanks Cole. Much love!

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