12 Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas for Agents in 2022

by Cole

I am such a huge believer in the power of video for small businesses and real estate agents specifically. A lot of times it can be hard to decide what to make a video on/about that will bring clients to you and build better relationships with your current clients. So here are 12 ideas to help kickstart your video marketing journey.

I talk more on the video about each, but to keep it brief, here are the ideas:

Your “Why” Video

Market Updates

Overview of Favorite Neighborhoods

Highlighting Local Businesses

Open Houses

How To’s

Vlog Series – Adventures

Things To Do (endless)

Info About Area/City

Your Marketing Strategy

Reactions to Real Estate Related Content

IG Reels / TikTok trends w/ A Real Estate Twist

Hope this helps! If you have any questions about each, feel free to send them my way. Until next time, peace 🤙

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