Own is available everywhere now!

Own is available everywhere now!

Good Morning Fam,

It’s been a while since I’ve released a single. As I’ve taken this journey and the #ownyourdream mentality head on, I felt it was fitting to drop this record 1st. It’s a celebration. And it tells a story if you really break it down.

iTunes / Apple Music:


My favorite bars:

Do you know what, It means

to be a owner, it seems

that I’ve been cornered, this me

that I have born up, is so

Consumed by growing, I go

Without a knowin, of where.

I’m scared cuz life got me…


Sometimes life moves fast. Actually, it always moves fast. There are times when I’ve been so consumed by making shit pop that I lost myself. I forget the whole reason I started. I forget what I love. That’s a scary feeling. If we have this one life to live and I let it all pass me by because I’m too consumed to listen to my gut, then where does that leave me? (Apologize for the run on.) I’m on the go as I write this.


Own is about taking that step back. Recognizing where you’ve come from. How far you’ve come. And promising your ego. Promising your soul. That you indeed do own yourself. That you indeed will not be stopped. Will not be held back. OWN YOURSELF PEOPLE. Push the limits.




P.S. This single is available everywhere. Apple Music (MY FAV). iTunes. Spotify. Tidal. Ay.

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