BTS: Spartanburg Spring Fling with H3RO

BTS: Spartanburg Spring Fling with H3RO

Peace fam,


Dope hip-hop and fellow Columbia artist, H3RO, invited me join forces with at the 2018 Spartanburg Spring Fling with headliners Jack and Jack.




I admit I could have been a little better prepared for this one. With the business picking up, it’s been tough to find creative time, but I figured it out. To catch a glimpse of me practicing, hit the link below. Still fumbled my words. smh..


Me forgetting my own words thanks to H3RO and I’s 2015 Song


After a lot of wandering around, we realized this event was really dope. The crowd expanded several blocks, and the crowd was huge. By the time we got to our stage, there was a group young teens (excited to see Jack and Jack) lined up waiting patiently, but hey, I can dig it.





With me, I’m never super happy with a performance. I always pick it apart and see where I can improve. This was no different, but one thing that really caught me off guard was the young people. They were paying attention and vibing the whole set. It’s an amazing feeling to be dropping knowledge in music and see young people soaking it in. I like fun songs like the best of us, but to see them HEAR me was special.


Also, watching the crowd grow from 20 people stopped and listening to 70 is always a good thing. Here’s a snippet if you missed it.





It’s funny how after performances people treat me completely different. I accept that though. We got daps from the staff, djs, and Jack and Jack even came up to us to let us know we were dope. Not gonna lie, I didn’t know who they were, but I looked them up and they make some good fun tunes. Super chill. They were humble and cool to chop it with.


This was another show to put on the resume, and we both gained a few fans. That makes it worth it. One step at a time. One day at a time. Closer and closer to the dream. What’s the dream? More to come young padawan. I got a lot of shit to do today. I’m out.



Here’s a sappy picture of me with Goddess J.


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