BTS: #TheHipHopHearing feat. Cole Connor & PATx

BTS: #TheHipHopHearing feat. Cole Connor & PATx

It’s no fun to do life alone. It’s also no fun to put all the pressure on yourself when you have a team of people around you. I’m really just getting into throwing events as one of the “go to” guys where everyone is coming up asking me what to do, where to go, etc. After our event on April 20th, I realized that I put way too much pressure on myself solely, and I held other people to a standard that they didn’t hold themselves too.


  1. That’s not fair to them.
  2. That’s not fair to me.


So after 4/20, I re-evaluated. As H3RO and The Unnamed Rapper call it, the Rap Avengilluminati had already been planning the May 4th event when the concept came crashing down. SO. We had to think of a new concept. I called Mr. PATx to discuss. 15 minutes later he hits me back with the preliminary idea to what was to be known as The Hip-Hop Hearing.


Rather than putting pressure on everybody else and coming at them with anxiousness about how we were going to pull this brand new crazy concept off in 2 weeks, I let people step up. I stepped back and watched as the crew began to fill in the pieces. It was a beautiful thing. As someone I consider a leader and sometimes the glue to so many personalities, it’s inspiring and motivating to see people all get excited about something.


We took a risk with The Hip Hop Hearing.┬áThis was PATx‘s baby, and it truly came to life.



Take a second to watch the recap of the show. We are on our way folks. The mix of acting and hip-hop was so much fun. Don’t miss the next one!

– Cole


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