An Ode To Becoming A Cat Person // How I Fell In Love with Cats

by Cole

My first love (outside of my mama) was undoubtedly my pup Sugar. She was my best friend. I talked about her all the time and loved to play with her. In my grandeur stories of our adventures, who I often leave out is my all-black male cat, Scratch. He was an outdoor cat. We didn’t play much. But when we did, he held true to his name and would always scratch the shit out of my hands while we played. But I thought it was fun. And he did too… I think.

He would even bring us treats like dead birds and mice. True Country livin’. 

When Scratch passed away, around the time I was 13, I didn’t have another cat for a long time. Until I was 27, and I met Ngoc-Linh. See she was a package deal. She came with her precious Harvey Dent aka Baby Girl aka Cookie aka Cook. And the rebellious Ollie.

I think I just assumed I was a dog person after Scratch. Everyone I knew had dogs. I always thought cats had NO personality. They seemed moody. Rude. And most of all, I didn’t feel like they loved me as a dog would. 

But after meeting my new children, I have to admit I was wrong. So I thought it would be fun to discuss what I now love about cats. But hey! I love dogs too! 

As I spent more time with Ollie & Cook, I started to google so many cat questions and learned so much about them. Which helped me to appreciate who they are, how they love, and how they deserve to be loved. 

Young Oliver is a curious orange tabby kitty who’s absolute favorite thing in the world is kibbles. He will not eat anything else. Literally. He loves to do zoomies at almost the same time every day. He will find the coziest of cozy places in any space and nap there as soon as his kibbles are gone. He hates his tail to be messed with, and if you bother him too much, he will promptly ignore you with his back facing you. Most of all he loves to sleep right on your neck at night. He’s adorable. 


Baby girl is a literal scaredy-cat, but she LOVES attention from the ones she trusts. On a warm day, she will be sprawled in any ray of sunshine she can find. Her favorite pastimes include making muffins on bellies and being brushed. She has the most unique sounds of affection, and she will most certainly be the first to leave the room at any loud noise. 


I love them both. And though it annoys me that they (mostly Ollie) beg for kibbles, my heart warms when I know they are fed and happy. 

So why do I love cats now more than ever? 


I’ve helped to raise a puppy as an adult, as well as taken care of many dogs in my life. I can’t believe how low-maintenance cats are. The litter box is obviously a lifesaver in this department, but cats are just so not needy in the ways dogs are. I guess other than the way that they crave attention. 

If they are bothering you, a simple brush away usually does the trick. They don’t follow you around constantly. They don’t need walks. Their zoomies suffice. They don’t bark. Well, Ollie howls at the most random times, but it’s usually not annoying.

Life with them is just overall very chill. Accidents rarely happen. I love it. 


I mentioned earlier that I thought cats have no personalities. I was wrong. They are certainly less transparent than dogs, but they most certainly do have personality. It’s so clear when I look at Ollie & Babygirl. They are both so incredibly different. They have different annoyances, quirks, and pastimes. It’s so interesting to notice these things. 

I think what explains their personalities best is how they eat. First, Ollie sprints to the food bowl beating out anyone who tries to eat first. If Baby girl tries to eat first, he will push her out the way like she doesn’t exist. Though she is twice his size, Babygirl will just step back and watch him eat until he is satisfied. She’s so polite in that way. Then, when he’s done, she eats. She usually leaves a few kibbles leftover which Ollie promptly scoops up like a little shit. Classic. 


I know this is not true with all cats. Or dogs frankly. But I love a good cuddle sesh. It makes me sad when an animal isn’t willing to cuddle!! Babygirl will lay next to you all day long. She will even lay on your belly. But she does not cuddle!! No matter what. 

Ollie on the other hand is best cuddle buddy. Cats are so small and maluable that when they do enjoy cuddling, they absolutely make the best cuddle partners. Ollie loves to squeeze right in between my girlfriend and me at night. Or sit in our lap while we work. Or across the neck as I mentioned. It’s the sweetest to hear and feel his little purrs as he sleeps snuggled up to you. 


Cats just have a different kind of the same love as dogs. They show love differently in my experience, but it is just as joyful. They are relaxed, chill beings for the most part which fits my personality quite well. 

They may not wag their tail and jump up and down at the sight of you like your favorite pup. But they miss you the same. They want your attention the same. They love you the same. If you are prepping for a cat or feel like you don’t like cats, just open your heart to them and they will reciprocate. 

I mainly wanted to tell someone that I love cats now. So yeah, I do. 

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