It's no fun to do life alone. It's also no fun to put all the pressure on yourself when you have a team of people around you. I'm really just getting into throwing events as one of the "go to" guys where everyone is coming
Peace fam,   Dope hip-hop and fellow Columbia artist, H3RO, invited me join forces with at the 2018 Spartanburg Spring Fling with headliners Jack and Jack.   PRE SHOW   I admit I could have been a little better prepared for this one. With the business picking up, it's been tough to
It's really important to me to not just DO but to know WHY I do what I do. I was watching Matt D'Avella's podcasts recently and his guest was talking about the first things she does with brands. It was ask them the 3-5 things
Good Morning Fam, It's been a while since I've released a single. As I've taken this journey and the #ownyourdream mentality head on, I felt it was fitting to drop this record 1st. It's a celebration. And it tells a story if you really break it
In May 2016, my life looked a lot different. I delivered pizza and worked a part time communications job. I felt stuck. And I didn’t know how to make that next step. Many days I depended on conversations with my mom to keep me motivated