Getting Older w/ Mom – Cole Connor Podcast #16 (2021)

by Cole

Ah, the joys of getting older. Jenny Evans aka Mom sits with me on the podcast to discuss life over the past year, hopes for 2021 and the realities of family. The Cole Connor Podcast is on the move in 2021 and Mom being on for the 2nd time represents a new season. Let’s go!

My mom and I both were feeling a little tired and anxious prior to this podcast. I had just passed a real estate exam and had a-lot of business on the brain, but I knew if I pushed through that feeling something positive would come out of it. Something surely did.

After listening back, I realized even more than in the moment that my mom spoke some truth, AND she hyped me up A LOT this episode. It’s so nice to know she’s proud of me and with me as I work through these trials. No matter what I feel like she’s always on my team. That is such a precious gift.

You can listen to the podcast on:


And of course watch it above. Who should I have on next??

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