How Much I Make As A Photographer & Artist in LA // 2023 Q3 Updates | Road To A Millionaire Pt. 6

by Cole

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I’m Cole Connor, an artist and entrepreneur. In today’s blog post, I’m excited to share my Q3 income report as I continue on my journey to achieving my financial goals and realizing my dreams. This is Part Six of my “Road to a Millionaire” series, where I open up about my earnings and reflect on the path I’m on.

It’s important to clarify that, for me, it’s not just about money – it’s about how money can be a means to fuel our dreams and passions. I’ve always believed that life is meant for creating and inspiring, and I’m thrilled to have you join me on this adventure.

Q1 and Q2 Recap

Before we delve into the Q3 income details, let’s quickly recap my earnings in the first half of the year. In Q1, my average monthly income was $6,468, while it dipped slightly to an average of $5,752 in Q2. During these months, I was gradually finding my footing and working towards a consistent income stream.

July: A Strong Start

In July, I started to see progress toward my goal of consistent earnings. My total income for the month reached $7,141. Keep in mind that this figure includes all my income sources, primarily related to real estate photo and video work. However, there was also some supplementary income from other sources, such as Skillshare, which brought in $48. It may not seem like much, but it’s a testament to the power of diversifying your income streams.

August: Building Momentum

August was a month of building momentum. My total income for the month surged to $8,359, a substantial increase from the previous month. This boost was primarily attributed to various income sources. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Real estate photo and video: The primary contributor.
  • Udemy: $3
  • Facebook group sale: $1,000
  • Acting income: $329
  • Skillshare: $93

This was a significant milestone as my acting income started to pick up. Skillshare also doubled its contribution, emphasizing the importance of consistently nurturing various income streams.

September: Continuing the Climb

As I moved into September, I continued to see an upward trajectory in my earnings. Total income for the month was $8,323, maintaining the positive momentum. Here’s the income breakdown for September:

  • Real estate photo and video: The primary contributor.
  • Udemy: $454
  • Skillshare: $27
  • Etsy: $7

What’s interesting to note is the growing significance of online income sources. Udemy, Skillshare, and Etsy began to make a more significant impact on my overall earnings.

Reflecting on the Quarter

While my income reports primarily focus on financial matters, it’s essential to share some personal insights as well. As some of you might know, I’ve recently gone through significant personal changes, becoming single. This shift in my life has led to a period of adjustment and self-discovery.

I’ve realized the importance of refocusing my energy and ensuring that I continue to work towards my dreams. While I might sometimes feel overwhelmed, I’ve managed to work through these emotions and stay motivated. It’s all about striking a balance between my aspirations and personal growth.

Looking Ahead to Q4

As I move into the final quarter of the year, I can’t help but feel a sense of anticipation mixed with a tinge of nervousness. Historically, this period has been crucial for me, with November and December being particularly significant. Last year, I earned $11,300 in October, $5,400 in November, and $4,900 in December.

However, this year, I have additional financial responsibilities due to my change in relationship status. While it does add some pressure, I believe in the power of perseverance and adaptability. My financial calculations indicate that I need to maintain a minimum monthly income of around $6,000 to meet my expenses.

Balancing Dreams and Reality

As I mentioned earlier, my aspirations are multifaceted. I dream of pursuing acting full-time, exploring the world, and indulging in adventurous experiences. On the other hand, I’m deeply passionate about the content I create, the real estate photo and video work, and my online ventures.

I believe there’s a way to combine these interests and monetize my online presence. This could potentially fund my travels and allow me to experience life to the fullest. The coming months will be a test of my ability to strike this balance and explore new horizons.

The Content Expansion

One of the key strategies I’m focusing on in Q4 and beyond is content creation. Whether it’s my YouTube channel, the No Niche series, the Bucket series, or the podcast, I’m committed to producing more content that resonates with my audience.

Your Input Matters

Before I conclude, I want to hear from you – my audience. Your feedback and preferences are vital to me. What kind of content do you enjoy the most? What inspires you? What do you want to see from me in the future? My aim is not only to create but to inspire, and your insights are invaluable.


In conclusion, Q3 was a period of steady growth and transition. It’s been a journey of adjusting to life changes, building my online presence, and gearing up for a content-driven future. As I enter the final quarter of the year, I’m excited about the possibilities and challenges that lie ahead.

I want to express my gratitude for your support. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my recent projects like the “Asian Chicken Salad” music video and my Skillshare courses. Your engagement means the world to me.

Please stay tuned for more exciting content and developments on this blog and my various platforms. Let’s continue to create and inspire together.

Thank you for being part of my journey. See you in the next blog post!

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