How To Find An Acting Manager (My Experience)

by Cole

This blog post was written from above transcript with ChatGPT.

Hey there, I’m Cole Connor, an artist and entrepreneur driven by the passions of creation and inspiration. I’m excited to share with you my personal journey of discovering and securing a manager in the dynamic world of the entertainment industry. Strap in, as I take you through the process of how I found my manager, the platforms that played a pivotal role, and the valuable lessons I’ve learned along the way.

The Catalyst: A Short Film and a Shoutout: Picture this: I was on the set of a short film titled “Mood,” brought to life by the talented students of the American Film Institute (AFI). Amidst the creative energy, I had a serendipitous encounter with the fabulous Timothy Kennedy. Timothy dropped a gem that would change my path – he asked, “Why aren’t people using Talent Link?” Intrigued, I delved into this new avenue of opportunity.

Unveiling Talent Link and Casting Networks: I embarked on a quest to unearth the treasure that is Talent Link. As I navigated through Actors Access, I discovered that Talent Link could be the bridge to my dreams. It’s remarkably simple: pay a nominal fee, and your information is broadcast to managers and agents eagerly seeking fresh talent. Casting Networks, a similar platform, soon emerged on my radar, expanding my horizons.

A Swift and Fortuitous Encounter: With newfound determination, I dived headfirst into this world of possibilities. Armed with my reel and an enticing look, I unleashed my potential on these platforms. Lo and behold, my efforts bore fruit – I found a manager who was genuinely interested in what I had to offer. Our connection was immediate, and it all began with a Zoom meeting that soon transitioned into a promising in-person discussion. Aided by a strong sense of compatibility and shared vision, I made the decision to sign on with my newfound mentor.

The Managerial Journey: Auditions, Opportunities, and Growth: My partnership with my manager has been an exhilarating ride. Over the past four months, I’ve been flooded with a diverse range of auditions – from captivating voiceover roles to the allure of film, commercials, and even television. While the journey has yielded one successful audition so far, I am fueled by the realization that it’s just the beginning of a promising chapter in my career.

Timing, Preparation, and Patience: A Crucial Trifecta: Before embarking on the quest for a manager, I realized the importance of laying a solid foundation. A captivating headshot, an engaging reel, and a portfolio of short films all contribute to presenting the best version of yourself to potential managers. However, wisdom guided me to exercise caution and patience – jumping into a managerial relationship prematurely could lead to missed opportunities or a mismatched partnership.

Navigating the Artist-Manager Dynamic: A Balancing Act: The artist-manager relationship is a delicate dance. While my manager has been a tremendous asset, I’m aware that not all managers are equally dedicated. A harmonious partnership, like mine, is built on mutual respect, open communication, and shared goals. Aspiring artists should take time to research and select a manager who aligns with their aspirations and genuinely invests in their growth.

The Path Forward: Lessons and Reflections: Through my journey, I’ve realized the importance of continuous self-improvement. Focused dedication to refining my craft and updating my resume has become an integral part of my routine. If initial attempts don’t yield the desired results, I’ve learned the value of perseverance. Waiting for the right moment, sending out my portfolio once more in a few months, and staying committed to my artistic evolution is my game plan.

Conclusion: A New Chapter Begins: In conclusion, the search for a manager has been an enlightening expedition filled with discoveries, challenges, and exciting prospects. My story serves as a testament to the power of platforms like Talent Link and Casting Networks, the significance of timing and preparation, and the intricate dynamics of an artist-manager relationship. As I step forward on this artistic odyssey, I invite you to join me on your own journey of exploration, growth, and creative fulfillment. Remember, the right manager can be a guiding star, propelling you towards the luminous constellation of your dreams. Stay inspired, keep honing your craft, and watch as your artistic destiny unfolds. This is Cole Connor, signing off, and as always, remember to hit that subscribe button – more adventures await!

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