I 10x My Money Trading Options | 2023 Q4 Updates | Road To A Millionaire Pt. 7

by Cole

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Hey there, I’m Cole Connor, and I’m excited to kick off 2024 with a deep dive into my Q4 income report. The past few months have been a rollercoaster of experiences, filled with highs and lows across various ventures – from Etsy to the stock market, YouTube, and real estate.

Yes, I 10x my money trading options this quarter as well as losing my gains, making money with Etsy, and more! This is my road to becoming a millionaire. I didn’t make this video to brag etc. It’s purely to see what has worked for me in hopes you can use something in your journey. If you want to know how I’ve gotten here, tune into the Creative Survival Guide Playlist.

INCOME TOTALS BY MONTH (NOT PROFIT): JANUARY: $3,200 FEBRUARY: $8,900 MARCH: $7,200 APRIL: $4,622 MAY: $7,836 JUNE: $4,798 JULY: $7141 AUGUST: $8,359 SEPTEMBER: $8783 OCTOBER: $6,464 NOVEMBER: $7,332 DECEMBER: $3,680 TOTAL: $78,421

Q4 Overview: October, November, December

Let’s start with a quick overview of each month:

October: A notable highlight was my foray into the stock market, turning $290 into $3,000. The thrill was short-lived, though, as a bad trade took away most of my gains. Lesson learned: easy money can be easily lost.

November: This month brought some stability, with a decent income of $7,332. Etsy and Shopify performed well, and an unexpected acting payment of $1,500 added to the creative side of my income streams.

December: The last month of the year threw some challenges my way, with postponed payments amounting to $1,000-$1,500. Despite this setback, I scraped by with $3,680.

Stock Market Adventures and Lessons Learned

In October, I delved back into the stock market, focusing on options trading. The initial excitement led to turning $290 into $3,000, but my lack of caution and risk management resulted in a significant loss. The hindsight advice from my dad to take a break and cash out was spot-on.

The takeaway here is clear: emotional trading and excessive risk can lead to significant setbacks. As I plan to re-enter the stock market, I’ve set a more strategic approach, allocating a more substantial amount to reduce risk.

Diversifying Income Streams: Etsy and Shopify Success

On a positive note, my ventures into Etsy and Shopify proved fruitful. Launching presets on Etsy in October turned out to be a success, bringing in $140 that month and consistently averaging $200-$250 per month. Shopify contributed an additional $170 in November.

I’m particularly proud of this diversification, aligning with my 2024 goal to achieve a 50/50 split between creative endeavors and real estate/photo video income.

Creative Ventures and Realizations

Reflecting on my creative pursuits, Skillshare generated $158 in October and $8 in November.  While not a significant portion, it’s encouraging to see these platforms contributing to my overall income.

In December, YouTube provided my largest payout at $134, signaling potential growth in this area. Additionally, I received a payment of $48 from DistroKid, emphasizing the importance of exploring various creative avenues.

Side Hustles: Uber and DoorDash

Acknowledging the slower months, especially in December, I experimented with side hustles. Uber brought in $100, and DoorDash earnings are pending. Exploring these options has me considering dedicating evenings to such activities, balancing the financial aspect with my creative pursuits.

Challenges and Personal Growth

December’s lower-than-expected income prompted a reality check. With bills increasing since August due to living alone, I realized the importance of maintaining consistent earnings. The slow month highlighted the need to stay focused on financial goals and not get complacent during good times.

As I move forward into 2024, my mindset is shifting back towards income generation. I plan to work harder, explore more creative ventures, and potentially take on side hustles when needed.

Yearly Reflection and Future Goals

Comparing income from previous years, I’ve seen growth. In 2023, I achieved a 27% increase over 2022, totaling $78,200. This progress motivates me to aim for a minimum monthly average of $8,000 in 2024. While entrepreneurial journeys are filled with challenges, I remain committed to the road of growth and learning.

In conclusion, the road to success is a winding one, but I’m determined to make 2024 a year of financial and creative abundance. Join me on this journey, and stay tuned for more exciting content!

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