If You’re A Beginner Actor, These Tips Will Save You SO MUCH TIME (my best advice)

by Cole

This article was written by CHATGPT from the above video’s transcript.

Greetings, fellow dreamers! I’m Cole Connor, an artist and entrepreneur, and I’m beyond excited to take you on a detailed journey through the whirlwind of experiences that defined my first year as a serious actor in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. From my hip-hop roots in South Carolina to the bustling streets of LA, this blog post aims to unravel the intricacies of my acting endeavors, the lessons learned, and the path that lies ahead.

The decision to relocate to a big city, particularly Los Angeles, was a pivotal one for my career. Reflecting on my original plan to become a big fish in a small pond back in Columbia, South Carolina, I ponder the possibilities and the growth that resulted from my move to LA at the age of 28. This section underscores the importance of financial stability before the move, urging aspiring actors to build a robust financial foundation for a flexible schedule, crucial for navigating the unpredictable world of acting.

The Acting Classroom Experience

With the stage set in LA, I wasted no time immersing myself in the world of acting classes. Detailing my experiences with two remarkable instructors, Leslie Khan and Elizabeth Mesnik, I shed light on the transformative power of intensive classes. Leslie’s diverse classes offered a spectrum of acting skills, while Elizabeth’s Meisner intensive delved deep into the emotional core of characters. These classes, I assert, are indispensable for anyone serious about honing their craft.

Personal takeaways become the focal point, emphasizing the significance of immersing oneself in the character’s thoughts, drawing inspiration from fellow actors, and fostering vulnerability in human connection, particularly through eye contact. Acting, I’ve discovered, transcends the boundaries of the script; it’s about behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.

Practical Steps for Aspiring Actors

With the foundations laid through classes, I transition into practical advice for aspiring actors. From investing in professional headshots to curating a compelling reel, I provide insights into building a credible online presence through platforms like Backstage, Casting Networks, and Actor’s Access. Stressing the importance of meticulous preparation and professionalism in self-tapes and auditions, I draw on personal experiences and caution against scams and half-hearted commitments.

The Managerial Advantage

Securing representation marked a significant turning point in my journey. I elaborate on how having a manager opened doors to a multitude of auditions and opportunities, transforming the solitary pursuit of acting into a collaborative venture. While acknowledging the idiosyncrasies of the industry, I share tips on finding a manager whose vision aligns with your goals and stress the reciprocal trust and commitment necessary for a fruitful partnership.

Nurturing Creativity through Collaboration

Transitioning from acting solo to collaborating with fellow creatives, I emphasize the power of building a network. These collaborations, whether in music videos, short films, or commercials, not only elevate your skills but also foster lasting partnerships that can shape your career. The collaborative spirit of LA becomes a catalyst for both personal and professional growth.

A Call to Creativity and Continuous Learning

As I wrap up this reflection on my inaugural year as a serious actor in LA, I extend a call to fellow artists to dive into literature, immerse themselves in movies, and study scenes relentlessly. The journey transcends the realm of acting; it’s about broadening perspectives, evolving as an artist, and ultimately becoming a better human. Here’s to another year of growth, challenges, and the unpredictable yet exciting path of an actor in the city of dreams. Stay inspired, stay creative!

In concluding this comprehensive exploration, I extend my gratitude for joining me on this reflective journey. May our shared experiences resonate with aspiring actors and creatives, serving as a source of inspiration, guidance, and encouragement in their own pursuits. The spotlight awaits—embrace it!

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