My First Week As A Real Estate Agent w/ eXp Realty // TIRED, MLS, gators, showing, running again

by Cole

Well, my first week as a real estate agent in Beaufort, South Carolina is officially complete. It’s just all been very overwhelming and the word of the week is definitely… TIRED..

Your best bet is to watch the video for these vlogs, but let’s chat about it real quick.

The Hardest Part

The hardest part right now is definitely juggling everything. I’m trying to run a photo/video business, learn and utilize ALL of the amazing resources that eXp & Team Kasia offer, AND actually implement a strategy to begin to gain clients. I’m learning digitally and by going out and doing different things. It just seems that even after all of that school, there is still SO much to learn.

I’ve been waking up before 6AM every day and hopping on the books. I personally enjoy this because I am the most productive from 6AM to 12PM. This real estate is going to be a grind, but I can’t be more excited for the future. So many good things happening.


I landed my first buyer client.

I had my first showing. There were gators.

I learned how to do my first CMA.

I’m running again.

I’m eating better.

Really exciting news in the NEXT VLOG. Can’t wait to drop it. 🙂

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