The CE Shop – Online Real Estate License Courses (Review) // PASS YOUR EXAMS

by Cole

It’s official, official.

I passed both my national and state exams after taking the 60 hour Unit Course with THE CE SHOP. Full disclosure, I did fail the state (SC) exam once before passing it on my second try.

Ultimately, I highly recommend THE CE SHOP for taking your required hours to pass your real estate exams.

I found the whole process to be relatively simple and self-explanatory (though I was a little confused about what all it took to get your license). The course itself is broken up into easy to comprehend sections and SO MANY study guides. For this post, I recommend watching the accompanying video to get my raw thoughts.


It took me about 3 months to fully complete. I run a real estate marketing business so I was only able to do a few hours a day. I did skip a few days here and there 😅

Because I have a really hard time focusing for long periods of time, my strategy for completion was to speed through the sections and then focus on the section quizzes. One thing I really liked about them was that they FORCE you to pass the unit quizzes before moving forward. So if you don’t study, you will have to sit there and take the quiz 7 times until you pass. It really helped me to focus on every couple of sections v.s. focusing every second I was on the course. Not saying it’s the best way to study, but it helped me!

The ease of use of the whole course was stellar, and they even tried to throw in some some funny scenarios too. Made the course a little easier to get through even though sometimes I made fun of their attempt to be funny 😂

FINAL EXAM PREP EDGE was one of my favorite aspects of the course. It really helped me to break down my weak spots. This was how they helped you study at the end of the course. It broke down everything into a few major sections and allowed you to take both the state and national practice tests over and over. Each time giving you info about what info you struggle with.

I’m a visual learner so watching some other content really helped me to fully understand the concepts I wasn’t comprehending. I have another in depth blog post coming soon on all the my study resources, but I did want to mention I was also studying those YouTube videos for several hours in combination with CE SHOP.

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