The future of this channel…

by Cole

In this channel update, I want to share the exciting changes and transitions happening in my life and career as an artist and entrepreneur. My name is Cole Connor, and I have always been passionate about creating and inspiring others. Recently, acting has become a significant focus for me. I took acting classes last year and now have management, opening up a world of auditions and opportunities. However, this shift has made me rethink the type of content I create on my YouTube channel. I no longer want to prioritize quantity over quality but rather aim to make a meaningful impact through storytelling.

Acting Journey

Since delving into acting, my schedule has been filled with auditions, ranging from two to four per week. While I’m not sure if this is a lot by industry standards, it has certainly consumed a significant portion of my time. Learning lines and making choices while acting, filming, and editing audition tapes has been challenging. However, this journey has made me realize my passion for acting and storytelling.

Evolution of Content & Fulfillment

My YouTube channel has been a mix of various types of videos, from talking about subjects to teaching photography and creating music videos. I now feel a strong desire to make my content more impactful and fulfilling. I believe this shift would not only be personally fulfilling but also resonate more deeply with my audience. While I will continue to create teaching videos, which have provided value and are enjoyable to make, I want to incorporate curated storytelling and quality content into my channel.

Fulfillment is something I’ve struggled with in the past. I’ve often found myself uninspired and questioning whether to continue with certain endeavors. But now, I want to prioritize quality over quantity and truly immerse myself in projects that ignite my creativity. Rather than creating content for the sake of it or for gaining subscribers, I want everything I do to have a purpose and impact.

Your feedback and thoughts on this new direction are essential to me. Do you believe prioritizing quality content is a positive step? Do you enjoy the mini-vlogs I frequently share? Are you more interested in teaching videos? Hearing from you helps me better understand what resonates with my audience and shape my future content accordingly. Feel free to share your thoughts and preferences through comments or polls.

Expanding Apollo’s Bow

In addition to my music, acting, and photography pursuits, I am relaunching my production company, Apollo’s Bow. Through Apollo’s Bow, I aim to produce projects that tell stories, including docu-series, videos for businesses, and short films. This expansion aligns perfectly with my passion for storytelling and allows me to explore new creative avenues.

I hope this channel update has provided insight into the changes and developments occurring in my artistic journey. The focus on acting, the desire for impactful content, and the relaunch of Apollo’s Bow represent my commitment to growth and pursuing meaningful endeavors. I appreciate your support and look forward to creating inspiring and thought-provoking content that resonates with all of you.

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