The Importance of Video Testimonials in Real Estate & Business (2021 Marketing Strategy)

by Cole

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Hi 👋🏻 there! The other day Paradise Point Construction here in Beaufort called me to film a video testimonial for them. 

I didn’t think much of it until I got to this GORGEOUS Beaufort multi-million dollar home that they had constructed and heard the words of their clients. It was so powerful.

I’ve linked it in case you’re interested, but it really made me think about how completely underutilized these types of videos are in the real estate and business world in general. 

If it hasn’t been obvious enough, let me just say again:

Video is an extremely powerful and useful tool in the art of storytelling, and has done nothing but quadrupled in importance as the years roll on

Specifically, here’s why I believe video testimonials could be a missing piece to your business.  

1. Video testimonials are practically a word of mouth referral.

We all know word of mouth is and probably always will be a huge lead generation winner. People trust their friends and family, and when someone tells them about YOU, they most likely will use you. The trust is transferred by word of mouth.

Speaking of trust, seeing someone talk and feeling their emotion through the video also builds trust. It’s easy to believe and digest (if the testimonial is genuine). A Google or Facebook Review is great (OF COURSE), but having at least 2-3 video testimonials is truly the icing the cake. MUAH!

2. A video testimonial encourages engagement and sharing on socials.

If you are the client being interviewed (specifically buyers), you’re going to want to share a good quality video with your friends and family. Why? Because you look good and new house looks good too! As a seller, it’s just nice to see yourself on a camera looking cool. 😎

You want to tag your clients on socials when you share so you can get MAXIMUM engagement AND your future clients can see that they are indeed real people. You help real people. YES!

Another example of a testimonial video. Don’t be afraid to get creative!
3. A good video testimonial tells the full experience of working with you.

When I “interview” someone, it’s important to pull the story out of them and make them feel comfortable  enough to get the juicy details of their experience. I typically record for around 15 minutes asking all the questions that come to mind as naturally and authentic as possible. Then, I take the best parts to make a 2-3 minute video that tells their story.

To get the full “use” out of a client being willing to talk about their experience with you on camera, I highly  recommend hiring a professional (unless you know how to edit video yourself). I’m not saying this just because I am a videographer. I PROMISE. I’m saying this because holding up an iPhone and asking  someone  on the spot to talk vulnerably about a personal, life changing  experience and then posting it with no editing, is not the same as telling a story through shots of their home and the BEST parts of their testimonial. It takes time to sort through their words and tell the best, most concise story.

Would you try video testimonials in your 2021 marketing strategy for real estate or business? Let me know in the comments! Thanks so much for tuning in folks.

Cole Connor (@coleconnor803)

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