The New Spotify Is Here | 2023 Updates That Change The Game for Artists & Creators

by Cole

Written from Above Video Transcript by CHATGPT

Hey there, my name is Cole Connor and I am an artist and entrepreneur. Today, I want to talk about the big updates that Spotify has in store for 2023. I recently made the switch to Spotify, and I have been impressed with the steady improvements that the platform has been making. I have been an Apple Music user for a long time, but Spotify’s playlisting and updates have convinced me to make the switch.

I have been watching Spotify from afar, but I finally decided to tune into their 2023 reveal stream, where they announced a bunch of exciting new updates. Although my experience with Spotify has been minimal, I have always appreciated how they prioritize and promote indie artists through playlisting. With my most recent release, Revenge, I have noticed how playlisting has become a significant way for artists to get discovered, and I am excited to dive deeper into this aspect of Spotify.

Live Events & Countdowns

One of the new features that caught my attention is the Live Events Feed. As someone who loves performing live, I’m always looking for ways to let my fans know about upcoming shows. With this new feature, I can now connect my shows to my artist profile, so fans can easily see my upcoming events when they visit my profile. This is a great way to keep my fans updated and engaged, and I’m excited to start using it.

Discovery Mode

Another feature that I’m excited about is Discovery Mode. As an indie artist, getting exposure and growing my fanbase is always a challenge. But with this new feature, Spotify’s algorithm will recommend music to listeners who might enjoy it in exchange for less revenue per stream. While this feature is still in beta testing, I’m hopeful that it will help us all get more exposure and connect with new fans.

Showcase Feeds and Spotify Clips

Spotify Clips is a really innovative feature that I’m excited to explore. By incorporating video into an artist’s profile and songs, Spotify is almost creating a social media platform within their music streaming service. This creates a new way for me to connect with my fans and showcase my personality through video content. I’m interested to see if this feature catches on, but regardless, I plan to start experimenting with it and creating more creative content for my fans.

I always find it challenging to connect with fans solely through music streaming platforms. While it’s great that fans can listen to my music anytime, anywhere, I wish there was an easier way to show them more of my personality and connect with them on a deeper level. With Spotify’s new video features, I’m excited to explore new ways to connect with my fans and showcase my personality through video content.

As an artist, I’m really excited about Spotify’s continuous improvements and new features. I feel like Spotify is really looking out for artists and creators, which makes it a great platform for indie artists like myself. With these new features, I’m excited to connect with my fans in new ways and continue to promote my music. What do you think of these new features?

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