When to Invest in 3D Virtual Tours v.s. Video Tours in Real Estate in 2021

by Cole

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Ah, when you go to sell a home,

there are so many options on what to do to help the home sell. Photos, drone, amenities, 3D, video…

blah bloo blah blee.

One of the toughest decisions I hear clients wonder about is when they should and shouldn’t do a 3D virtual tour & video tour. So here i am, ready to give you my thoughts. Per usual.

First off, what is a 3D Tour?

Typically, a 3D tour is a the tour of the property where you can literally click through each room as if you are walking through the home. You most likely have heard of Matterport which is definitely the industry leading 3D tour option. I do Matterports currently, but I have also done 3D tours with the iGuide

Second off, what is a video tour?

I call a standard video tour a HIGHLIGHT VIDEO. This is a 1-2 minute cinematic showing of the home focused on the highlights of the property. It’s not about showing every single room or detail. It’s about wowing the viewer and getting them to either think your marketing is wonderful or come view the home to buy. You seal the deal from there!


You should be doing a 3D Tour on EVERY mid+ priced home over $1,000 sq ft.  Yep, I said it. Why? I think the pandemic shed some light as to why it is important. More than ever people want to walk through the property without having to travel there. Even if someone is in the same city. They may want a 3D tour so they know it isn’t a waste of time. Though pictures are super necessary and important, they sometimes can be deceiving, but it’s pretty tough to make a 3D tour deceiving. No one is trying to waste time setting up a house viewing appointment when it’s just not necessary these days.

If the house is super ugly, and you will have to sell on a fix and flip etc, I would recommend not having one done. Unless you just have the capabilities yourself, I would say it’s not worth it to pay someone. Your investor client will be fine with just photos.

You may be thinking: that sounds expensive for EVERY HOME OMGGG. I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO AFFORD THAT. Well, it really doesn’t have to be. Matterports are a little more expensive, but some 3D tours can be as cheap as 07-.08 cents a sq ft.

If paying for one isn’t an option, I recommend buying a 3D camera yourself. Check out your options here. There are several options that are around $400, and Matterport even lets you use your iPhone. It can be kind of frustrating and takes about an hour per 2000 sq ft (maybe 45), but hey you gotta do what you gotta do. Unlike photos and video, 3D virtuals don’t take any skill or experience. A pencil could do it!


You should be doing a highlight video tour on all mid – luxury homes that are CUTE, UNIQUE or STUNNING. I highly recommend being in the video for branding purposes as well as a voiceover to walk people throughout the home.

You want to only do pretty homes so that it represents your selling brand better to future clients. You don’t want potential clients to see a bunch of videos of ugly homes and associate ugly homes with you. Come on!

So as I mentioned before, this is not for your viewer to see every detail. It’s a cinematic, high impact video and supposed to woo the viewer while making the home look glorious. The goal is to pull people in.

I recommend being in the videos because it helps to solidify YOU as the expert. You can start selling the home before you even get in front of the prospective buyer.

So the bottom line is unless the house is terribly ugly, I would always do a cheaper Matterport or get your own camera and do it yourself! AND do videos for all stunning or incredibly cute properties,

Remember, it’s not just about the sale. It’s about marketing YOU.

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