Creative Survival Guide

by Cole

The Creative Survival Guide is a virtual coaching program

that I've created to individually or in a group setting teach you how to go from a starving artist to creative entrepreneur making legitimate money from your craft. Whether you're a cellist like Dion or an adventure creator looking for a dream job like Ashley or even a creator like me, the goal is to teach you how to build a strong foundation that you can build a career off of.

For this month, you and only you will go through the Creative Survival Guide experience WITH access to all courses 1-on-1 with me. this will a 4-week intensive with 1 hour zoom calls weekly and lots of homework! Learn more at creativesurvivalguide.com.


Every month I will be starting fresh with 5-10 members, and we will go through the entire Creative Survival Guide experience together in a 4 week intensive. For those of you, who can't swing the 1-on-1 Month Intensive, this is the best bang for your buck. It is not as 1-on-1 personalized to you, BUT you still have the opportunity to ask personal questions after each session. 

The 4-week program itself consists of 4 modules (1 per week):

We go over all aspects of who you are, what you want to do and why you want to do it. Then, begin to build a plan around that. This is VITAL to your success in the program and beyond.

We break down what branding is and build your brand from the ground up including colors, logo, fonts, and your why.

We begin building your website, brainstorm photography, videography and create your social media platforms. I give you all the tools you need to take action and build your brand.

Based on our past three sessions, I teach you the basic strategies to grow your business and then we create a unique strategy just for you.

What's in the Creative Survival Guide?

When you join the 1-on-1 or group coaching 4 week intensives, you unlock all individual courses. for that month. I.E. the first course Real Estate Photography 101 is out now. So you will unlock that $300 course just by signing up for the CSG program. You will also unlock access to the CSG community where you can ask questions, watch exclusive content, and be entertained. Lastly and most importantly you will unlock the month long intensives mentioned above.