Apartment Home in Beaufort, SC (Top 4) – $1200 Luxury Tour – Parc at Broad River

by Cole
(the much cooler version of this article 🙌)

I am one of those people that would rather pay more to live in comfort. If it’s slightly out of my budget, I will figure out a way to make the extra money. I learned that I like this because of the awful places I’ve had to live in the past.

When I got to Beaufort, I wanted a bachelor pad. I didn’t care if it has nothing at it at first, I wanted to be something i liked, felt comfortable bringing people to and didn’t have a bunch random hand me downs throughout. I wanted it to be me.

1. PARC at Broad River

So I did a bunch of research looking at month to month spots, all types of apartments and homes for rent and eventually came across the PARC at broad river.

There are competitors, but I landed on this one for the blend of awesome amenities, location and availability/credit. I was able to move in with no co-sign which ultimately helped me make my decision!

Here’s what I love about it:

– It’s right next to the broad river. Beautiful spot to have lunch in your car, fish, kayak and more. Can even see the river from my balcony.



-The kitchen has granite countertops and feels so nice!

-The bath is impeccable. 

-Spacious for 1 person.

-Love the gym

-Pool was the best one in my opinion with the cabanas

-Mini dog park


After 6 months of living here, I have no complaints. All maintenance issues have been handled quickly. Gym is never too busy (ha). Pool was great in summer. Tenants are all chill / polite. Noise is never an issue. I do occasionally here neighbors but never has it been bothersome. And it’s only in certain spots. I give it 5 out 5 stars.

2. HarborOne Apartments

When I looked into HarborOne, they were pretty much full. So I didn’t even take the time to get the full tour. They may be amazing. I wanted to include them because based on my research they were solid.

I was asking to take photos for them a few months back (because I am a real estate photographer as well), and amenities and grounds were on par with PARC and legends. It’s all about that light and kitchen for me though.

3. Abberly Pointe

Abberly was the first apartment I went to tour. It was right at my price point and seemed “cool” by the pictures. The staff was super friendly, and the tour was great UNTIL…

I saw the kitchen. It seemed very dated compared to the PARC and Legends (after viewing those). Maybe it was just the one I saw. It was also very dark with the lighting, and it just didn’t seem like a place where I can work from home comfortably for long periods of time.

Because my credit wasn’t the best, I also would have had to have a cosigner. Which was fine. But annoying 😇 yet understandable.

One thing to note is that it was cheaper than the others, and it still is in a solid location with it being towards the edge of town and shopping.

4. Legends North of Broad

I was CLOSE to choosing this one. To be completely honest, I couldn’t do this one even with a co-sign or I may have chosen it.

This was the nicest apartment AND the newest that I visited. The kitchen was PERFECT. The carpets were extra plus. Amenities were solid too. Similar to PARC (except I like PARCs better).

Even if I could have gotten co-signed for this one, I was a little skeptical about the new construction and little amount of tenants. I expect in the next 6 months this will be a top contender with PARC.

I believe they are offering some pretty awesome deals now though. Get in while you fit in!

My final thought is to really think about what you want. I’m not saying I REGRET moving into an apartment in general, but I do wish I would have been able to be in a position to purchase a small home. $1200 a month for 13 months adds up quickly if you aren’t in a super comfy position fiscally. It MAY be better to live less lavishly for a 6-9 months so you can make a major move. Just a thought. But I also still standby wanting to live comfortably while we are here 😉

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