How To Edit Luxury Twilight Photos for Real Estate In Lightroom (+ FREE PRESET)

by Cole

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Today, I’m going to talk to you about luxury real estate twilight photography and share a free preset for editing your twilight photos in Lightroom. As a real estate photographer, I believe that twilight photography is a powerful way to capture the warmth and magic of a property, and it can help you stand out in a crowded market. So, let’s get into it!

What is Twilight Photography and Why Use it in Real Estate?

Twilight photography is all about capturing the beauty and warmth of a property at dusk. When the sun is setting or rising, the light creates a magical, warm glow that can make a property look even more inviting and cozy. This warm light can evoke feelings of comfort and relaxation in potential buyers, making them more likely to feel connected to the property.

Not all real estate photographers use twilight photography, which makes it a great way to stand out from the competition. Twilight photography can give listings a unique and eye-catching look that sets them apart from the rest. By offering twilight photography as an add-on service, you can also increase your revenue as a photographer.

How to Shoot Twilight Photography for Real Estate

Timing is everything when it comes to shooting twilight photography. You want to capture the property when the sun is just about to set, so the sky has that warm pink or yellow glow. This is usually around 5 to 10 minutes after the official sunset time. You also want to make sure that all the lights around the property are turned on, including any outdoor lights.

When shooting twilight photography, you want to find the best views of the property and the sky. Look for balconies, decks, or large windows that offer unobstructed views of the sky. If the property doesn’t have any good views from inside, no worries! Just make sure you kill the exterior shots. I shoot the same angles in daytime as twilight.

Editing Your Twilight Photos in Lightroom

If the sky doesn’t look as good as you want it to, you can always replace it in post-processing. There are many tools and techniques for sky replacement, but I prefer to use Photoshop for this task.

I’ve created a free preset that you can use to edit your twilight photos in Lightroom. This preset is designed to enhance the warm, cozy feeling of your twilight photos while also making the colors pop. You can download this preset for free below.

Make sure to watch the full video for exactly how I edit my twilight photos!

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