i’m an uncle 😭

by Cole

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Becoming an uncle is a momentous occasion in one’s life. It’s a role that carries a unique blend of joy, responsibility, and excitement. In this blog post, I’d like to share my personal journey of becoming an uncle and the emotional rollercoaster that came with it.

Some memories are etched in our minds forever, and for me, one such memory is the day I found out that I was going to be an uncle. It was a revelation that caught me by surprise. I vividly recall the day when my father let it slip, calling me “Uncle Cole” right before we said our goodbyes. My initial reaction was one of disbelief, but I kept my composure, saving my reaction for later. That smile on my sister’s face during our FaceTime conversation confirmed the news.

The moment I realized I was going to be an uncle, I was filled with a sense of responsibility and excitement. To make the most of this new role, I wanted to know how I could be the best uncle in the world. My sister’s response was simple yet profound: “You could be the best uncle in the world if you spend as much time as you can with Selah, and when you can’t, at least call and ask about her. Just be there, call, listen, and have a relationship.” Those words resonated with me, and I was determined to live up to her expectations.

Living miles away from my family presented a unique challenge. I yearned to be there for my sister during her pregnancy and to witness the growth of my niece firsthand. Video calls became our lifeline, connecting me to the precious moments I would otherwise miss. Seeing my sister’s pregnant belly six months in was a surreal experience, but the true significance of the situation only sank in when we shared that emotional FaceTime call.

With a ticket booked to meet my niece for the first time, I couldn’t contain my excitement. The moment I arrived, the emotions welled up. It was a gathering of my family, where my father, stepmother, mother, and sister, Dion, held baby Selah. The sheer joy and emotions of that moment were overwhelming. It was a testament to the power of new life, bringing us all together despite any past differences or distances.

The beauty of becoming an uncle is witnessing how a new life can redefine the concept of family. It’s about unconditional love and coming together to celebrate the arrival of a new family member. Despite all the challenges life throws our way, a new baby can help us realize what family is truly about. The emotional reunion with my family showcased the power of family bonds, and I was grateful for the opportunity to witness it.

Bailey and Dion, the parents of Selaj, are set to embark on an amazing journey of parenthood. It’s clear how this baby girl, Selah, lights up their lives. As her uncle, I couldn’t be prouder of them. Selah is a bundle of joy, and I can’t wait to learn more about her as she grows.

Becoming an uncle is a life-changing experience, filled with emotions and a sense of responsibility. My journey to becoming an uncle was a rollercoaster ride, but it’s a role I cherish deeply. The love and joy that a new family member brings can redefine the bonds that tie a family together. I’m excited to be a part of Selah’s life and to continue being the best uncle I can be.

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