How Much Money I Made As Entrepreneur in January 2021 (Income Report) // photo, video, real estate

by Cole
Watch this if you prefer visual and audio.


Let’s just jump into this quickly.

This month I made a total of $5,347.33.

Coming off of December, I more than doubled the income I brought in. December was scary, but I’m super thankful to have made it out alive and kicking. Being self-employed is not easy and nothing is guaranteed. December really showed me that. It made me sit down and figure out how I was going to diversify my income in 2021.

If you check out my video on 10 Ways To Make Money As A Creative, you can see what I came up with. Everything pretty much went as I hoped this month as far as business picking back up, but there were two high notes.

I made a few bucks from Google Adsense for my blogging! YES! AND I finally passed my real estate license exams 🙂

Anyways, here is a break down of what I made per “category” of my money making abilities. (The numbers may not add up perfectly, but it’s close)

  • 2960 – Videography
  • 320 – 3D Tour
  • 2480 – Photography
  • 170 – Design

Another unfortunate part of January is I used the $200 I had in savings to pay bills ;(. I told myself that I have to stop doing that and just pretend like it doesn’t exist. I’m using Acorns (get $5 by using that link) to help me save. I’ll let you know how that goes.

See you next month!!


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