How To Be Authentic & Confident On Camera | TIPS TO GET CAMERA READY FOR BEGINNERS

by Cole


One of the first things most of us notice when we film ourselves is our voice. We almost always hate the way we sound!! Fun fact: it’s physiological and psychological. Audio recordings translate differently to our brain than when we talk due to air and internal “conduction”. People tend to perceive their voice as deeper and richer – not as cringe as reality. So it sounds differently to ourselves, but trust, it is how you actually sound. So don’t be so hard on yourself!

I am lucky because I’ve been rapping and making music since I was 17 (and making videos since I was even younger) I quickly became accustomed to how I naturally sound, and I believe I created my voice. I’m from the deep south of SC, but my accent is hidden majority of the time. I have a music voice. A business-talking voice. A camera voice. You can hear my true voice the most when I’m mumbling on the day to day basis.

What I’m saying is it just takes PRACTICE! I’ve had tons of cringe videos and songs. I MEAN SO MANY! It’s just how it goes, but you can’t let that keep you from putting yourself out there whether it’s for creative or entrepreneurial reasons. Push through the cringe – practice your on-camera voice, and it will get better!


Once you can swallow the sound of your voice, it’s now super important to bring confidence to your voice and on-screen presence. Why? Because uncomfortability SHINES through a camera lens. Please believe that if you are uncomfortable, everyone who watches your video will know that – and some will feel uncomfortable too.

You may not love the way you look, but much like your voice. It’s just the way you look, so you as long as you do the best you can – it’s all you can ask for.

I think the best way to speak to a camera is as if you are speaking directly to a person or for the entrepreneurs – a potential client. If you are giving tips or advice, speak with confidence like the expert you are. Look people in the eye, but not too much. Use the same mannerisms or quirks that make you, YOU. Laugh. Joke. Smile. Wink. Be Authentic.

People watch our videos or follow us. Or work with us. Because they love us. Are inspired by us. Or think we can teach/help them. So you don’t have to be fake. You don’t have to be a “certain” way. Just act as you typically would, and please don’t feel the need to pretend. We aren’t acting here. We are being REAL. And more than ever, that’s what people want. So let’s give it to them.

Once you perfect & practice those two things the next thing is just to make your filming process, EASIER. You don’t want to dread filming. At least, I don’t. But sometimes if I don’t properly plan, I hate it!! Let’s get into how to optimize these processes so you can film consistently without spending too much time on it.


My number one piece of advice for the best way to actually get great videos filmed is to always script and do the proper research. A lot of my videos including this one are scripted word for word. Sometimes I go off script, but I ALWAYS make sure that everything I want to say is in the script so nothing is missed. When I used to make videos with just an outline, I noticed that I would ramble A LOT, and I would leave the filming session feeling like I sounded both like an idiot and didn’t provide as much value/storytelling as I would have liked to.

If you are way better with outlines, that’s okay! I tend to be a better writer. It helps me keep my thoughts together. Rambling has its place, but if you prefer improving your thoughts, go for it. It may work for you!

Same as with anything, it’s always better to be as prepared as possible so make sure your outline and script are solid by putting in the research if it requires, telling the story to make it impactful, etc.

I use Notion to script my videos, but you can use any helpful tool / the notes on your phone. Whatever floats your boat! I’ll go in depth more on Notion another time.


With any type of videos, you’ll be creating from vlogs to reactions to tutorials, it helps tremendously to set some time aside biweekly / monthly to BATCH film. When I say batch, I mean filming multiple videos at one time. If you’re shooting for one video a week – shoot 4 videos in one sitting. If you’re doing a tiktok/reel a day, shoot 7 in one day. For me, I have different zones I get into. Some days it’s writing. Some it’s grinding. Some it’s shooting. Because filming multiple videos takes it out of me, I try to film when I don’t have any other appointments or calls to do that day. I like to film when I’m completely fresh and in the mornings.

Depending on what you are filming, a video can take anywhere from 10 minutes to many days. So everything you can film sitting in front of a camera, try your best to do it all on the same day. It won’t always work out that way – some videos are just better in different locations or on the go. But I promise it will save you so much time in the long run! If you haven’t checked out my DIY youtube space video, give it a watch. It will help you create a space for you to film consistently if that’s what you’re looking for.


Some people watching this may be hiring someone to film them. But the majority of us will be filming ourselves. I’ve done both, and as a creative, I personally enjoy filming. But what I don’t enjoy is setting up a bunch of equipment to film. It can create just another excuse for us to tell ourselves why we don’t have time to film.

My advice is to make this process as easy and seamless as possible. Keep a tripod and ring light in your filming area – maybe even keep one in your car. I talk a little about equipment in Youtube DIY video, but the bottom line is that you do NOT need a bunch of a equipment to make good videos. You can even use windows most of the time for lighting.

Folks, I think you are ready to hop in front of the camera and get filming!

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