How to Create 10+ Music Video Style Reels in Under 2 Hours and Under $500 Budget for Your Song

by Cole

Written from Transcript by CHATGPT. For full details and specifics, tune into the video above.

As a musician, creating visual experiences to promote your music can help attract more fans and engage with your audience. In this post, I will share how I created 10+ high-quality music video-style reels in under two hours of filming and under $500 of budget for my song “Wine Drunk” using TikTok, Reels, and YouTube shorts.

Step 1: Research and find a space that matches the vibe of your song

To create a visual experience that matches the vibe of your music, you need to find a space that can serve as a backdrop for your music video. Online rental platforms such as Peerspace, Gigster, and Airbnb offer a wide range of options to choose from. The rental cost of the space will depend on the duration of your shoot and the type of space you choose. For my shoot, I found a space called The Time Machine, which had five different sets that perfectly matched the vibe of my song. The total cost for the space for two hours was $183.96.

Step 2: Hire a videographer and a BTS photographer

To capture high-quality footage, you need to hire a videographer who can help you shoot the music video, reels, and behind-the-scenes content. Freelance videographers and photographers can be found on platforms like Indeed or LinkedIn. When hiring, make sure to check their portfolio and reviews to ensure they are the right fit for your project. I hired Johnny at $50/hour to shoot the music video, and my girlfriend helped capture the behind-the-scenes footage and photos.

Step 3: Get creative and have fun

Once you have found the right space and hired the right team, it’s time to start filming! To create engaging content, get creative with different angles, lighting, and settings. Take advantage of the different sets available in the space to create a dynamic music video. To save time, you can also plan out your shots in advance and create a shot list.

Step 4: Edit and share your content

After filming, it’s time to edit and share your content on different platforms. Use video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro to edit your footage and add special effects. Once your video is ready, share it on social media platforms like TikTok, Reels, and YouTube shorts to reach a wider audience.

In conclusion, creating a visual experience for your music can be a great way to attract more fans and engage with your audience. By following these steps and investing in the right team and resources, you can create high-quality music videos and reels that showcase your unique style and sound.

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