My DIY Youtube Home Studio for 2022 // LOW BUDGET VIBES

by Cole

Having a creative space that encourages filming and fits your vibe is vital when it comes to being a creator. There are already tons of reasons and things that cause us to lose motivation and/or inspiration.

We never want our space to be one of those things. I am always so inspired to create when I look at my DIY YouTube home studio waiting for me to get the camera out and film.

I was able to create my space for under $300 including my awesome neon sign from Ngoc-Linh which was $150ish.

Any space you create in my opinion should either fit your personality, niche or vibe. For example, a tech YouTuber may want to have their computer etc. in the shot with cool tech on shelves etc. around them. For me, my channel is about whatever I want to talk about so I just created a vibe that I felt inspired by, and here we are.


I’m a big believer in the power in FB marketplace. It can be a goldmine when it comes to piecing together odds, ends, and even main pieces for your studio. For example, we found my velvet, vintage loveseat on FB marketplace for FREE. We even found my end table and plant. My advice: Always check FB marketplace FIRST.


I found my shelves on Amazon here. They are super low budget but get the job done. They even feel sturdy, but of course, there are lots of better options out there. Find one that fits you.

I also ALMOST got some different types of wall stickers/panels on Etsy. There are some really unique designs that caught my eye, but ultimately I haven’t purchased any yet. We will see.


I believe that plants bring so much liveliness to any space. There’s something about their earthiness that makes me feel more comfortable, happy and at home. I’ve found plants at plant shops, flea markets, FB marketplace, and everywhere in between. Fake plants even help! But I prefer the real ones.


I won’t pretend to be a lighting expert, but I have been learning and playing with different things in my studio. Right now, I have my neon light, two small lamps, and this ring light that I use consistently.

I find that it’s helpful to have something that just lights you up and then separates smaller lights to shine on different things in your background. Ideally, you have some space and/or distance to play around to.


I currently use a Sony A7III, GM 16-35MM F2.8 lens, Shure SM7B, Zoom H6 Recorder, and my iPad to film most videos. You DO NOT need all of this. As long as your camera is decent – I recommend Sony 6000 series for beginners – and you have some sort of microphone to capture good sound quality, you are good to go. Sound is so important!! I recommend the Shure mic as well as the Rode videomic options.

Lastly, just make the space yours. Add your own personality and spice from your own life. It makes all the difference! Anyways, hope this helps, and please tune into the video for more details. As usual, I’m here for all your questions. You got this!!

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