Why I Quit Uber…. (and why you should too)

by Cole

I made a video and blog in early 2022 talking about the top tips for driving for uber. The video and short I made around it have given me the most views and many of my subscribers subscribed because of it.

The thing is…

the month I made that video I only made $2200. This month I made $14,000. And I don’t drive for Uber at all. And I haven’t since March. So why did I quit? And why should you? Let’s get into it…

Let me start this off by saying, to each their own, if you want to drive for Uber full time, all the time, and you love it… DO YOU BOO. As I stated in one of my recent articles, you can be successful at it and do well, BUT after having to do it for a solid 4 months, I absolutely do not think most people/creatives will want to do Uber full-time. And honestly, if you aren’t working towards leaving Uber then it will probably hold you back.

UberEats, for the hustlers, creatives, and entrepreneurs, should be a transitory job because in this world you just don’t make enough to survive and thrive. And you can’t really grow.

You want to work in a job where the money you make per hour can increase as you gain clients, experience etc.

Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

Yes, I had times when I made GOOD money for the work, BUT it was just not consistent enough, and for me, the job became exhausting and stressful in a big city like LA.

My number one priority …

(and what I think should be yours too)

..was to develop a HIGH-INCOME SKILL. I talk a little about this in my video here about tripling my income. But the bottom line is once you have a high income, in-demand skill, NOBODY can stop you from being successful. You won’t have to depend on a boss or people ordering food. And really, you will be able to work less, charge more, and spend time on the things that make you the happiest.

My high-income skill is real estate photography and content creation. It took me 4 months of driving UberEats to build up relationships to be able to let UberEats go and make it where I made more with less time spent in the real estate photo field. As of last month, I was able to pull in $14,000 of income with solely real estate photo and content creation. I’m not saying this to brag or anything. I’m saying to say what is possible if you transition to a high-income skill and set yourself up for success.

If I would have stayed with UberEats, I never would have made more than 3–4k a month. I would be depressed, and I wouldn’t have been able to focus on the YouTube channel or my art as much.

Now, let’s talk about how to find your high-income skill.

I feel like most people who read my articles and are entrepreneurs… naturally are into some form of photography or videography. But it literally could be anything from tattoo artists to marketing consultants to hair stylists to plumbers to youtubers. Think of things you’re passionate about. Things that you can either sell as a service or a product. Preferably a service.

It may not be able to be directly your passion. I.E. I would love if I could just create videos, movies, and music full time for myself, but I’m not there yet. So the next best thing is creating content for others. See what I mean?

I’m not going to dive super deep into everything, but let’s go quickly over what I’d do if I was trying to pitch myself as a service provider of any kind and begin to make money with it.

(watch the video here for more details on each)

  • Think of Business Name
  • Create A Logo with Canva
  • Use all of the relations you have to build a small but GOOD portfolio. Do free work if you have to. And have someone or yourself take a photo/video. Make sure you have some sort of headshot of you smiling as well.
  • Build an aesthetic and authentic website with Squarespace or Elementor. This helps with SEO, and makes you look more LEGIT.
  • Create a Google My Business Page and get your family/clients to leave GREAT reviews.
  • Create Social Media Accounts For Your Business

This is minimal, but it sets you up to begin to receive potential clients online and spread via word of mouth. Everything will take A LOT of time especially if you’re just starting out. So get prepped for that and if you’ve got to do UberEats first. Then do it.

The key to the high-income skill part is to always be either getting faster aka doing more with a shorter time AND/OR charging more per hour. Start with your minimum if you have to and as quickly as your clients will allow, raise your price. But always remember. A lot of times when you raise prices the annoying or flaky or rude or cheap clients will switch to other people. That’s great. Because the clients with money will stay and this will attract bigger and better clients in the future. Usually.

Hope this helps.



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