How Much I Make As A Photographer in Los Angeles // 2023 Q2 Updates | Road To A Millionaire Pt. 5

by Cole

How much did I make as a real estate photographer and artist so far this year? Q2 in 2023 is over so you know it’s time to break down how much money I made as a creative entrepreneur and give an update on creative & business goals. This is my road to becoming a millionaire. I didn’t make this video to brag etc. It’s purely to see what has worked for me in hopes you can use something in your journey.

If you want to know how I’ve gotten here, tune into the Creative Survival Guide Playlist. INCOME TOTALS BY MONTH (NOT PROFIT): JANUARY: $3,200 FEBRUARY: $8,900 MARCH: $7,200 APRIL: $4,622 MAY: $7,836 JUNE: $4,798

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