Waiting Weekly To Watch Dexter is Killing Me

by Cole

But It’s So Nostalgic That I’m Enjoying It

Ah, I remember the days of making sure dinner was ready before 8 PM on Sundays so I could watch The Walking Dead Season 1. Sometimes even watching Talking Dead.

It was a bit of a tradition for a moment there. Something I looked forward to during the week. Much like going to a movie theater, your sole mission for that time period was to focus on the show. And of course, eat dinner. Oh, and share stares with your watching mates, predicting what will happen next between scenes. But still. It was a special time.

Fast forward a decade, and things are quite different.

These weekly moments have turned into daily binge-a-thons that make it nearly impossible to catch all of the intricate details of these shows.

I mean, sometimes you are the watching mate that falls asleep before the other because, after four episodes in one night, the drowsiness gets to you. Or sometimes you’re trying to “work” while you watch. What’s the saying? You can’t do two things at once?

Or maybe you’re driving to a get-away weekend…and binging the same show because you CAN’T GET ENOUGH.

We are gluttonous humans, aren’t we?

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

I can’t deny my longing to NOT wait. To watch it all NOW. I don’t want to be thinking all day about what could happen. I just want to know so I can move on to my next task, movie, or show.

Recent binges include but are not limited to: True Story, Clickbait, Billions (to name a few)

But not Dexter.

Showtime has done something here. They’ve tricked me. Why? Because I’m a late bloomer to Dexter. I binged it in 2020. I love it. My favorite serial killer. The morally corrupt yet sweet Dexter reminds me of the hypocrisy of Tony Soprano mixed with a strange anti-socialite navigating standard social interactions. And much like the Sopranos, there is so much brilliance in the show.

When I sat down to binge a few weeks back, what I feared most, came to be true. I would have to slow my appetite and watch Dexter: New Blood. Weekly.

I would have to look forward to it. I would have to bond with my girlfriend over what would happen next. I would have to always have a good meal and a drink while watching. I would have to sit and focus the entire time without falling asleep. I would have to not be indulgent. I would have to…

Damn, that’s not so bad.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Thanks, Showtime. For now…

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